business process engineering

We reengineer and improve your business processes in alignment with your business strategy and service offering

What you can expect from us
Renewing – Improved training and organizational involvement of employees in the enterprise (acquisition of skills and abilities, motivation)
Revitalizing – New design of processes
Reframing – Discarding conventional patterns of thought, evolve new paths, new vision and decisiveness
Restructuring – Redesign/change of the activity portfolio


Wikipedia: Business strategy is the primary driver of BPR initiatives and the other dimensions are governed by strategy’s encompassing role. The organization dimension reflects the structural elements of the company, such as hierarchical levels, the composition of organizational units, and the distribution of work between them. Technology is concerned with the use of computer systems and other forms of communication technology in the business. In BPR, information technology is generally considered as playing a role as enabler of new forms of organizing and collaborating, rather than supporting existing business functions. The people / human resources dimension deals with aspects such as education, training, motivation and reward systems. The concept of business processes – interrelated activities aiming at creating a value added output to a customer – is the basic underlying idea of BPR. These processes are characterized by a number of attributes: Process ownership, customer focus, value adding, and cross-functionality.